A & H Services Job Opportunities

Are you motivated, energetic, love to help people? If you answered “Yes” and you’re looking for an amazing Job with opportunities for advancement, we have great news! A & H Services, Inc. is looking for entry level and experienced technicians that are willing to learn. We offer great pay, benefits, paid time off and holidays. To […]

how to keep your a/c bill low


Keeping your home cool in the summer can take a considerable bite out of a household budget, especially in areas where temperatures get high and stay that way. Here are some eco-friendly air conditioning tips you can use to “go green” with your cooling this year to reduce both energy use and monthly costs. Install a ceiling […]

Prepare your home air conditioner for Florida summer

Preparing your home for a hot summer in Florida

Summer has arrived and you’ve probably already used your air conditioner. But how do you know it’s working at maximum efficiency? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell if your AC is running at full spec. Even many professionals have difficulty squeezing out every last percent of efficiency, but you can certainly figure out whether there […]

Trane Air Conditioning Repair Experts

When Should You Call an Air Conditioning Company For Service?

To help out our customers I put together a quick list of some items that warrant a call to their local S Florida AC repair company. Common AC Repairs Because of all the use that your air conditioning system gets throughout the year, you will likely eventually need to call your local AC repair company […]

AC Filters in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lantana

HVAC System Filters Need Changing Every Month

Always remember to change your HVAC system filters EVERY month.  Your air conditioning and cooling system will thank you.  Your neighborhood air conditioning repair person might NOT but he or she knows that if you do change the filters more regularly you will extend the lifetime of your air conditioning system and won’t have to call […]