how to keep your a/c bill low


Keeping your home cool in the summer can take a considerable bite out of a household budget, especially in areas where temperatures get high and stay that way. Here are some eco-friendly air conditioning tips you can use to “go green” with your cooling this year to reduce both energy use and monthly costs.

  • Install a ceiling fan: Use a ceiling fan to produce breezes that help keep you cool. Direct the air currents downward. When they contact your body, they will reduce your body temperature. The air will also help disperse and re-circulate cool air that has accumulated near the floor.
  • Reduce indoor humidity: Moisture and humidity in the air reduces your body’s ability to cool itself through the evaporation of perspiration. Take steps to reduce indoor humidity. Seal any openings that could let humid outdoor air into your home (while also letting cool indoor air escape). Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. A room-size model will work in a small space, while a house dehumidifier will significantly cut humidity everywhere in your home.
  • Reduce excess heat gain: When heat is added to your indoor environment, your air conditioner will have to work harder to compensate for it. Use drapes and curtains to keep sunlight out of your home, especially during the height of the day. Install awnings or other shading devices to keep sunlight from your windows. Avoid using heat-generating appliances and devices during the day, including cooking stoves and ovens, clothes washers, and clothes dryers

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